The Applied Engineering College is run by Lincoln College Group, which has 130 years of experience in engineering training in the UK. It has teamed up with the University of Hull, one of England’s oldest and most respected institutes of higher education, to deliver our bachelor’s degrees.

Our mission is; “to create a highly skilled and productive local workforce to meet the needs of KSA employers”.


Delivered in English, our bachelors programmes have been co-designed by KSA employers to ensure they meet their needs and to create secure career opportunities for young men in the Kingdom.

Lincoln College International have also established a strategic partnership with the University of Hull to enhance quality and service provision within the Kingdom. The University of Hull will conduct regular quality checks and provided support and development for the AEC to continue its journey to extraordinary.

All of our students complete real life work experience with our industry partners, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills in the workforce, preparing them for their future careers. You will study in a friendly and supportive environment, where your careers advice, transport, financial and medical needs will be catered for by our team of experts.

The Lincoln College UK campuses house more than 10,000 students and the College contributes around £185 million to the regional economy. It currently delivers training for 1,200 businesses, assisting them in developing their existing and future workforce. Internationally we have partner colleges in China where around 700 students are studying courses in construction management and accounting.

When you enrol at one of the Lincoln College in the Kingdom, you will become a Lincoln College student and benefit from all of this respected institution’s UK and international experience and expertise. The qualifications you receive on successful completion of your programme of training will also be internationally recognised by employers giving you a globally recognised signal of your achievement.

We understand that world-class education requires world-class teaching. At Lincoln College KSA, students benefit from experienced teachers from the UK, combined with talented Saudi Arabian staff who have been trained to the highest level. This high calibre teaching and support team focuses on bringing out the best in each individual, encouraging you to become expert, independent learners and imparting the skills that are so essential to the future of the Kingdom: Lincoln College KSA graduates will be vital to the Kingdom’s economic growth.

Our aim is to produce qualified, well-rounded individuals with the exact skills local employers are looking for, making you an extremely attractive prospect for future employment and, indeed, providing you with the skills to develop your career. This has resulted in many collaboration with local businesses and the establishment of a Siemens Mechatronic Lab, and a Cisco Lab with the AEC.