Automotive Applied Engineering

What you will study

Mechanical Engineering students start an excellent journey to progress into careers in industry leading companies around the world. The Department of Mechanical Applied Engineering has developed a new Applied Engineering Bachelor Degree program, accredited by Zueva, a German awarding body, and recognized by the Saudi Council of Engineers (SEC). Unique to this Applied Engineering College is that all subjects are delivered in English by a team of international experts. These factors create highly capable engineering professionals with both theoretical and active knowledge of Mechanical engineering, which gives our graduates the competitive edge in gaining employment in an exciting career.

Coursework, department facilities, community and industry will engage students in the fundamentals of critical thinking, communication and teamwork. The program emphasizes the best of engineering theory, professional practice, cutting edge software, design and control processes while utilizing instructional method in the way people learn best. The result will be highly capable engineering professionals with both theoretical and active knowledge of engineering.

This course provides the candidate, practical skills ranging from intermediate to advanced diagnostics. This practical training is backed with underpinning knowledge of vehicle technology covering the following units, Chassis (brakes, steering suspension wheels and tyres), Engines, Electrical, Transmission and Drive Line systems.

Year 1

Core Modules

Engineering Fundamentals

Electricity Fundamentals

Introduction to Material Science

Applied Mathematics

Applied Physics

English Language

Academic Competencies

Introduction to Vehicle Engineering

Year 2

Core Modules

Automotive Electric, Electronics and Control Systems

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Machine Elements

Fundamentals of Engines

Engine Design & Testing

Maintenance Organization

Year 3

Core Modules

Drive Train Technology

Chassis Technology

Technical Doc. & Spare Part Management

Automotive Safety & Comfort Systems

Commercial Vehicles

Vehicle Fleet Management

Bachelor Thesis