English, Education and Enterprise Studies

The English, Education and Enterprise (EEE) Department supports students throughout their studies at the college we pride ourselves on the modern, student and learning-centred pedagogical framework driving the department through which we teach and assess English, business enterprise, academic competencies and the fundamentals of mathematics and physics using a variety of modern teaching and learning approaches such as blended, task, problem-based and e-learning, we have a dedicated team of highly-experienced, mainly doctorate and master-degree-holding teachers and experts from native English-speaking countries who facilitate learning and prepare our students for work, life and pursuit of further studies. Our dedicated team of curriculum developers and designers have created and tailor-made an engaging and academically-rigorous programme that furnishes our students with the essential competencies and skills required for life at the college and beyond, During their stay with us, our team offers our students pastoral support and mentoring and works closely with them to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Message from the Head of Department – Dr Garry Sharkey

My Name is Dr Garry Sharkey and I am from the United Kingdom (UK). I have a Doctorate in Education, a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics (ESOL) and a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Adult Education as well as several other teaching, TESOL and IT qualifications. I also have UK Qualified Teacher and Learning Status (QTLS) and I am a Fellow of the UK Society for Education and Training (SET).
I am a graduate of the UK Universities of Durham, Teesside and Exeter. I have more than a decade of teaching, coordinating and management experience in the field of Adult Education, TESOL and Vocational Training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). For my Doctorate in Education thesis, I investigated KSA English language centre teachers, programmes and curricula. In leading and running the English, Education and Enterprise (EEE) department, I use the knowledge and experience, I have gained from more than a decade working in education in KSA, my doctorate and other studies to shape and drive the department and its programmes to ensure they are engaging, student-centred, interactive, task and problem-based and tailor made for our students and stakeholders’ needs. This is made possible with the support of a dedicated department team of highly-qualified and experienced experts and professionals.