Information Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology Students start an excellent journey to progress into careers in industry leading companies around the world. The Department of ICT has developed a new Applied Engineering Bachelor Degree program, accredited by ZevA, a German awarding body, and recognized by the Saudi Council of Engineers (SEC). Unique to this Applied Engineering College is that all subjects are delivered in English by a team of international experts.

These factors create highly capable engineering professionals with both theoretical and active knowledge of ICT engineering, which gives our graduates the competitive edge in gaining employment in an exciting career.

The pathways within Information & Communication Technology are:

Network & Communication Applied Engineering: Allows students to have the opportunity to study with state of the art equipment and labs (CISCO lab, IoT lab, Networking labs, Telecommunications lab). Students will also be specialized in System Administration, Networking Security, and Telecommunications.

Information Systems Applied Engineering: Enables students to become expert software engineers and developers in all new languages and trends, like Java, C#, and Android.

The employability of the department graduates reaches up to 96%.

Our graduates are in high demand in the GCC labour market, not only because of the Bachelor in Applied Engineering they get, but also for the English language efficiency and analytical skills.

Our alumni are already working with Colleges of Excellence and TVTC as successful teachers, or in ICT managerial positions. Many of our alumni are employed successfully in the private sector in managerial positions like Study Directors, Project Managers, ICT specialists, Network Administrators, Software Programmers, Business Managers, etc.Our alumni have also the ability to apply for a Master’s Degree at reputable academic institutes all over the world, such as our partner, the University of Hull in the United Kingdom.

Pathways in Information Communication Technology

Information Systems Applied Engineering

Networks and Communications Applied Engineering