Network and Communications Applied Engineering (NCE)

What you will study

Information and Communication Technology students start an excellent journey to progress into careers in industry leading companies around the world. The Department of ICT has developed a new Applied Engineering Bachelor Degree program, accredited by ZevA, a German awarding body, and recognized by the Saudi Council of Engineers (SEC). Unique to this Applied Engineering College is that all subjects are delivered in English by a team of international experts. These factors create highly capable engineering professionals with both theoretical and active knowledge of ICT engineering, which gives our graduates the competitive edge in gaining employment in an exciting career.

The NCE program focuses on the latest networking and telecom technology subjects including, but is not limited to, the use of LAN/WAN/WiFi technology, server/client Operating Systems and administration, digital communications, database management systems, network and information security, web server technology, and the full CCNA international curriculum which is now integrated into our new NCE program.

The NCE program meets the international standards toward a bachelor degree in Information and Communication Technology in North America and Europe.


Program Outcomes

Our new students are expected to know that our NCE program meets the international standards; the word of mouth from previous graduates proves and motivates our students to register in the program.

Our students are very enthusiastic about the NCE program learning outcomes because they learn from others that our program is very well respected in KSA compared to many other colleges in the Kingdom and once they graduate, the roads become very well paved toward their bright future.

The new CCNA international standard curriculum which is now part of our new NCE curriculum has already started attracting many young Saudis who are keen to graduate not only with a bachelor degree in ICT but also with an international CCNA certificate that will definitely add a big value on their CVs.


What AEC – ICT department offers to the NCE students

As part of the NCE program we offer state of the art labs such as the computer networking lab, the telecom lab, the hardware/cable structuring lab, the computer system admin lab, and lately the CICSO Engineering lab. In these attractive labs the students are offered many hands on technology exercises where they learn by doing things.

We also offer up-to-date technology projects where the students are introduced to a variety of new technology concepts such as network function virtualization, cloud and fog technologies, distributed antenna systems, software-defined networks and many others.


Jobs and Carrier goals for the Network and Communications Engineer

Our NCE program graduates have solid foundations to start their career in many different sectors. They can work as system administrators, technology support specialists, system/networking engineers, IT officers, database administrators, as well as technology trainers.

Our graduates are also very much in demand in the KSA market not only because they hold an engineering degree but also because of their English proficiency as well as their presentation and innovation skills. Some of them even strive to start their own business or aim toward continuing their postgrad education.

Year 1

Core Modules

Fundamentals of Computer Technology

Applied Mathematics

Information Systems & Algorithmic Thinking

Electronics Fundamentals

Applied Physics

Data Communication & Networks I

English Language

Academic Competencies

Year 2

Core Modules

Database Management Systems

Data Communication & Networks II

English Language

Web Server Technologies

System Administration

Advanced System Administration

Digital Communications

Introduction to Routing and Switching

Year 3

Core Modules

Software Engineering

Advanced Routing & Switching

Applied Networks

Information & Network Security

Network & Communications Engineering Project

Advanced Networking

Elective Courses in NCE

Bachelor Thesis