Electrical Engineering Students start an excellent journey to progress into careers in industry leading companies around the world.

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) has developed a new Applied Engineering Bachelor degree program that will prepare professional engineers to adapt quickly to new technologies and knowledge. Unique to this Applied Engineering College is that all subjects are delivered in English by a team of international experts.

Coursework, department facilities, community and industry will engage students in the fundamentals of

critical thinking, communication and teamwork. The program emphasizes the best of engineering theory, professional practice, cutting edge software, design and control processes while utilizing instructional method in the way people learn best.

The result will be highly capable engineering professionals with both theoretical and active knowledge of engineering.

The Electrical Engineering pathways are:

Electronic Engineering – This course gives you an insight into a variety of topics including electronic design, communications, software engineering, computer modelling, microelectronics and power generation.

Electrical Power Engineering – This course will help you understand the link between electrical subjects such as power generation and distribution, electrical machines and power electronics.

Mechatronics – This course brings together Electronics systems, Mechanical Systems and Information Communication Technology. This allows you to understand Mechanical CAD, Digital Control Systems, Electro-mechanics and control electronics, delivered by Siemens certified lecturers.

Graduates will earn a Bachelor of Applied Engineering and can enter the workforce as electrical power engineers, Project Managers for Electronic and/or Mechatronics, Project Engineers, digital and computer engineers.

The program is accredited by the ZEvA Commission from Germany and recognized by the Saudi Council of Engineers.

Graduates of this typeof program are currently in great demand in many industries including engineering firms, consulting agencies, governmental agencies and manufacturing facilities.